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(offer agreement)

This agreement is a formal offer agreement in accordance with Art. 633 of the Ukrainian Civil Code and has the corresponding legal force.

The Buyer fully accepts the terms of this agreement by filling out and submitting the registration form on

In case the Buyer does not agree with any clause of the agreement or the agreement as a whole, the Buyer needs to refrain from registering on the website and/or ordering Products/Services, respectively.

By clicking the Sign in icon, the Buyer agrees to process personal data for placing orders and more convenient operation and confirms that the Buyer has read and agrees to the terms of this agreement, the rules, restrictions, and other terms of cooperation provided for at and specified herein. 

The Buyer (User) has the right to forego the confirmation of the present User agreement acceptance if any condition is unacceptable for the Buyer.  


1.   General Provisions.

1.1.   Terms and definitions:

1.1.1. online store (hereinafter referred to as is a set of programs for electronic data processing machines and other information accessed through the information and telecommunication on the Internet network (hereinafter referred to as the Internet) under domain name. The activities of are regulated by the legislation of Ukraine as well as  by the international law standards.

1.1.2.Requirement details, Individual entrepreneur Trofimova Alevtina code 3158121401 business entity carrying out general management of, supporting its hardware and software complex, providing technical and consulting support to the Buyers, carrying out sales of Products/Services (hereinafter referred to as Administration).

1.1.3.   The Buyer means an individual or representative of a legal entity who/which has voluntarily registered and received a unique password for using personalized services, as well as for making purchases on by placing orders. 

The Buyer acknowledges the following:

a)  the Buyer is an adult and a legally capable person. The Buyer can carry out operations at Buyer's own volition and discretion;

b)  the Buyer's actions are aimed at receiving services, they do not contain malicious intent, fraudulent intentions, attempts to disrupt the normal functioning of, gain unauthorized access to information that is intellectual property or trade secret of, use in an inappropriate way (for example, as an exchange, for search engine optimization, etc.), discredit or other users, etc.; 

c)  to the Buyer's knowledge, information, belief or actions do not violate the intellectual property rights of any third parties;

d)  the contact information provided by the Buyer to is true, complete and valid;

e)  the Buyer has legal rights to make payments in favor of

e)  the Buyer has legal rights to receive payments from, as the case may require. Administration acknowledges the following:

a) the data requested through the website must ensure the proper provision of service to the Buyer (User);

b) Administration clearly adheres to the requirements of the law and carefully protects the confidential information provided by the Buyers. Administration takes all necessary measures to guarantee the safety and security of such data. But herewith, the Administration does not bear any responsibility for any possible damage or losses if the data leakage occurs at the stage of a communication channel that is not managed by Administration.

1.1.4.   The Registration on the website means the procedure when the Buyer specifies the Personal Data in the special form on The Buyer specifies the personal data accurately and reliably when registering on the website. This is necessary for further operations on the website and it grants the Buyer the right to participate in special promotions. All responsibility for actions performed from the Buyer's account is borne by the Buyer for whose/which name the account is registered.  

1.1.5.   The Personal data mean information directly or indirectly related to the Buyer (including, but not limited to: surname, first name, date of birth, registration address, contact phone number, email address). It is voluntarily and consciously provided by the Buyer during the Registration, and it is essential to fulfill the Order through the online store under the terms of the present User Agreement to which the registered Buyer is a Party, as well as for the Buyer's access to personalized services. 

1.1.6.   Login means a unique symbolic Buyer's Account name providing access to the Account.

1.1.7.   The Password means the Buyer's personal and unique identifying code on, which provides access to the Account and also a code for receiving a discount. The Buyer receives a unique login and password, which the Buyer undertakes not to give to any third party in order to protect the Account from actions that the Buyer will not be aware of. The Buyer shall notify the website Administration in case of losing the information about login and password.

1.1.8. provides personalized service. 

1.1.9.   My Account means a personalized interface with a set of user tools for purchasing products through, as well as for using personalized services. 

1.1.10.   Products/Services refers to works on production of photopolymer printing plates for flexo printing, letterpress label printing and pad printing, hot moulding and embossing, coating plates for print finishing (hereinafter referred to as the plates), as well as related services for the development of the original layout of the plate image, color separation, rasterization, etc. (hereinafter also referred to as the services).

1.1.11.   The Order means the Buyer's (User's) request for the plate production and the development of the original plate image layout. A fact confirming the Order finalization is the assignment of a unique identification number to the Order. 

1.1.12.   The Sale of Products/Services to the Buyer is carried out on the terms and conditions of this User Agreement by placing an Order on The Order and the Technical Requirements Specification to the Order are both executed by the Buyer in accordance with the form posted on the website. In case the Buyer has any questions, and/or any additional technical requirements for the Order, the Buyer shall indicate it in the comment to the Order and contact Customer Support Service. 

1.1.13.   The Agreement means the present User Agreement, which includes the terms, conditions and procedure for operating, the procedure for purchasing Products/Services, the procedure for processing the Buyer's personal data and other terms and conditions. 

1.2.   The parties to the Agreement are Administration and the Buyer hereinafter collectively referred to as the Parties.

1.3.   The relations of the Buyer with the website Administration are governed by the present Agreement, the Ukrainian Civil Code, the Law of Ukraine “On Personal Data Protection” and other laws, government rules and regulations. 

1.4.   The terms and conditions of the present Agreement govern the use of all Services that exist at the time of the Buyer's registration, as well as the Services that will be created or modified (changed) in the future. An integral part of this Agreement is the information posted on in the sections directly specified in this Agreement. 

1.5.   This User Agreement comes into force from the moment the Buyer expresses the consent to its terms by clicking the Sign in icon, which confirms the acceptance by the Buyer (User) of the terms and conditions of this Agreement. The Buyer must carefully read all the provisions of this Agreement prior to the registration procedure. 

1.6.   The Photos and text materials presented on the website are the intellectual property of Administration. All rights reserved. In this regard, the use of the website materials is possible only for personal purposes and with the mandatory link to The photo and text materials, that are posted on the website, shall not be used for advertising purposes, as well as for posting on other websites.


2.   Registration on

2.1.   For the purposes of ordering Products/Services, the Buyer voluntarily passes the registration procedure on and provides reliable and complete information on the data requested by during the Registration. The information specified by the Buyer (personal data) is necessary for to fulfill obligations on the production of Products/Services ordered by the Buyer. 

2.2.   The Buyer is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided during the Registration. 

2.3.   The Buyer independently creates the Login and Password at Registration. The Administration has the right to prohibit the use of certain, in particular, incorrect and offensive, logins and/or passwords and to eliminate them.  

2.4.   After going through all the stages of registration on, the Buyer has the right to use the Username and Password specified by the Buyer for identification on and access to services, as well as for placing orders for the Products/Services on

2.5.   The Buyer is obliged to carry out a safe logout (to click on Exit icon) at the end of each session of operating services. 

2.6.   The Buyer agrees that Administration has the right to block and/or delete the account, or terminate the Buyer's account in relation to any services in case the Buyer violates the terms of this Agreement. 

2.7.   The Buyer (User) has the right to require from Administration to delete and/or block the Buyer's account on at any time by sending a corresponding request to


3.   Product Order.

3.1. provides the Buyers with services in the production of photopolymer printing plates for flexo printing, letterpress label printing and pad printing, hot moulding and embossing, coating plates for print finishing, as well as related services for the development of the original photopolymer plate layout.

3.2.   Each finished plate produced as part of the provision of services is made by the individual order of the Buyer. Return and exchange of Products of good quality are not made. The Buyer (User) is not entitled to refuse the good quality Products, since it has individually defined properties and can be used only by the Buyer that purchased it. It is impossible to cancel the order after the start of its production.

3.3.   To minimize the negative consequences associated with the mismatching of the processed and finished plate of good quality to the mental representation of the Buyer, it is recommended for the Buyers to do the following:

a)  to read the reference documents of before placing the order. The technical specification, file requirements and reference documents are published on;

b)  to check the result of color separation, all the specified technical parameters, the number of inks and printing plates carefully;

c)  in case of any doubt and/or uncertainty about the correct preparation of the file, to order services for the development of the original photopolymer plate layout at

3.4. Administration ensures the fulfillment of the Order with the involvement of third parties in the manufacture of high-quality plates using modern technologies, equipment and materials. 

3.5.   The Buyer performs the color separation check  and additionally checks it by using the functional services. The responsibility for the correct preparation of the file and the conformity of the file submitted by the Buyer for the production of the plate to the original layout lies with the Buyer. Administration is not responsible and is not obliged to replace the plate or refund in case the produced plate  does not match the original layout due to the Buyer's fault.

3.6.   In the event of the Buyer's omission or failure interferes with the proper provision of the service (for example, in the absence of the Buyer at the address agreed upon with the delivery service, the Buyer does not demand the order at the delivery service department within the time period established by such delivery service, etc.), has the right to demand that the Buyer covers the costs of re-providing the services in whole or in part (including the payment of the cost of delivery, packaging, production).

3.7.   The Buyer has the copyright for all images of the Buyer's design provided by the Buyer in the process of providing the services by

3.8.   Prompt informing about changes in the procedure for the provision of services, the work schedule, as well as at sending other relevant news and messages, The Buyer agrees to receive both regular mailings and urgent (unscheduled) messages from aimed at :

  • e-mail;

  • SMS messages to the specified phone number  at registration;

  • facsimile communication. provides the possibility to terminate the subscription at the Buyer's request. The Buyer is informed that if the Buyer wants to unsubscribe from the website newsletter, the Buyer must click on the “Unsubscribe from the newsletter” link indicated in the text of the messages sent on behalf of, or send the corresponding request to The following information shall be indicated in the request: first name, last name, email address (phone number).  


3.9.   In case the Buyer is 100% sure that the file for printing has good quality, accuracy and complies to the technical requirements, the Buyer agrees to the following:

  • is not responsible for possible text and graphic errors in the Buyer's layout;

  • is not responsible for any inconsistency of the technical settings and print profiles in the Buyer's file;

  • is not responsible for the color reproduction of the Buyer's images, if the printing process has not been tested before, an ICC profile has not been created, and color proofing has not been ordered.

3.10. has the right at any time to change the description, availability and cost of the Products/Services without prior notice to the Buyer and posting information on the cost of Products/Services on The actual cost of the Products/Services is shown to the Buyer when placing an Order on The Buyer can find out the estimated cost of the plate beforehand without downloading the file using the Cost Calculator, indicating the parameters, sizes and quantity of the plates.

3.11. shall not change the cost of the Products/Services ordered by the Buyer from the moment the Buyer receives the confirmation of the acceptance of the Order for execution and until its obligations to transfer the Products/Services to the Buyer are fulfilled, if the Buyer paid for the Products/Services within two days after placing the Order on

3.12.   The Buyer is aware that, in the event of the occurance of any preventing circumstances or the need to clarify circumstances that are essential for the execution of the Order and/or if it is impossible to contact the phone number specified by the Buyer during registration, within 3 (three) calendar days from the receipt of the Order, has the right to cancel the Order and in case of getting the prepayment - to transfer the money back no later than within 30 calendar days. 

3.13.   The Buyer has the opportunity at any time to read the information about the Products/Services purchased by the Buyer and their current status on in the Buyer's Account in the Order History section. 

3.14.   Orders placed on are displayed in the Order History in the Buyer's Account in the form of notification messages. 


4.   Payment for Products.

4.1.   The Buyer pays for the Products/Services by transferring funds to the current account in a non-cash form using bank cards, electronic wallets, bank receipt (bank transfer) and other methods specified on When placing an Order, the Buyer selects the appropriate method of payment for the Products/Services. When filling out the receipt form for a bank transfer, the Buyer must indicate the number of the Order placed on and the full name/company name of the Buyer in the Payment Details line.

4.2.   For individuals, payment of the Order in non-cash form is possible using the Platon payment system or by transferring funds to a PrivatBank card. Please indicate the number of the Order issued on and the Buyer's name as the payment purpose. 

4.3.   Payment for the Order is carried out on the basis of the invoice, which is sent to the Buyer's e-mail address specified at the registration. 

4.4. starts the execution of the Order only after getting the prepayment. 

4.5.   In confirmation of the fact of payment, the individual Buyer draws up a settlement document. provides a package of all necessary documents for legal entities.

4.5.   Payment of the Order by the methods specified in cl. 4.1. of the Agreement must be made within three calendar days from the date of its placement on The Buyer agrees that in case of non-payment for the Order after the specified period, the Order is considered canceled and not subject to execution. 

4.6.   The terms and conditions set forth in the Payment and Delivery section are an integral part of this Agreement. The Buyer confirms the agreement with these terms and conditions at the date of conclusion of this Agreement. has the right to unilaterally make changes to this section without notifying the Buyer. The Buyer agrees to independently monitor the changes made. In case of controversy between the terms of this Agreement and the conditions set forth in the Payment and Delivery section, the terms and conditions set forth in the Payment and Delivery section shall apply.


5.   Product Delivery.

5.1.   Products can be shipped by express delivery services used by The current list of delivery companies is always available on in the  Payment and Delivery section.

5.2.   The Buyer chooses one of the provided delivery methods and indicates it in the Order. 

5.3.   All information on the time, cost and terms of the Product delivery is set forth in the Payment and Delivery section, which is an integral part of this Agreement. The Buyer confirms the agreement with these terms and conditions at the date of conclusion of this Agreement. has the right to unilaterally make changes to this section without notifying the Buyer (User). The Buyer (User) agrees to independently monitor the changes made. In case of controversy between the terms and conditions set forth in the Payment and Delivery section and section 5 of this Agreement, the terms and conditions set forth in the Payment and Delivery section shall apply. 

5.4. transfers the finished Products to the Buyer's address no later than one business day after the completion of the work specified by the Order. In case the Buyer chooses the delivery to the shipping company office, the delivery address of the Products is the location of the shipping company office where the Buyer addresses to receive the Products. 

5.5.   Upon receiving of Order at the shipping company office, the Buyer is obliged to check the integrity of the package, the quantity and quality of the Products. In case of serious damage to the packaging or the Products, as well as incomplete completion of the Order, the Buyer must refuse to receive the Order and draw up an act (claim) at the express delivery office. Please also immediately inform by tel: +38 067 345 88 64, +38 095 589 88 64. The Buyer by accepting the Products confirms the correct fulfillment by of its obligations to transfer the Products and the absence of claims regarding the quantity and quality. 

5.6.   The date of transfer of the Products to the Buyer shall be considered the date of its transfer to the shipping company for the delivery of the Products to the Buyer's location. The transfer of the Products to the authorized representative of the Buyer is carried out on the basis of expenditure papers. 

5.7.   The Buyer is notified that is not responsible for the observance of the delivery time by the shipping companies. However, will make every effort to ensure the proper fulfillment by these companies of their obligations regarding delivery time. 

5.8.   In case the Buyer places an Order with value of over 3,000 UAH, the Buyer is provided with free delivery to the post office specified in the Buyer's Order within the territory of Ukraine. In case the Buyer places an Order with value of 3,000 UAH and below, the delivery is carried out at the Buyer's expense.

5.9.   The Buyer knows that the cost of delivery of the Order depends on the weight, dimensions, assessed value and terms of delivery of the Products, and is calculated by the delivery service. The Buyer can independently read the current tariffs on the websites of companies engaged in express delivery of goods.

5.10.   The Buyer knows that, according to the Rules of the corresponding delivery service, there is a deadline for free storage of documentation, parcels and goods in the department. An Order not requested by the Buyer at the delivery office within the established storage period will be returned to Return to and re-delivery of the Order to the Buyer will be carried out at the Buyer's expense, excluding the cost of the Products. 


6.   Acceptance of Products. Warranty. Recall procedure for the Products of inadequate quality.  

6.1.   Before starting the operation of the Product, the Buyer must carry out an incoming inspection for compliance with the parameters and quantity specified in the Order, and also for the presence of visible defects.

6.2.   The Buyer has the right to send back the Products of inadequate quality no later than five calendar days from the date of receiving the Products. The Buyer has the right to submit a claim to on the quality and parameters of the Products by sending a written reasoned refusal to accept the Products. In case of failure to comply with this condition, the Buyer is not entitled to refer to the presence of any defects of the Products.

6.3. administration accepts the Products only in cases the Products contain a latent or patent production defect. Replacement of the Products or refund for the Products of inadequate quality is possible if the Products have no signs of being operated, and the loss of quality occurred before the Order was sent to the Buyer. 


6.4.   In order to make a replacement or return of the Product, it is necessary to send a corresponding application to the Customer Support Service on at: If the existence and causes of the defect are not clear to the Administration, then the Buyer should send to impressions, documents, photos or other evidence confirming the discovered defects and also return the Products of inappropriate quality, in order to confirm the presence of the defect and find out the reasons for its occurrence. 

6.5. Administration considers the claim as soon as possible, but no more than three business days from the date of receipt of the Products of inadequate quality from the Buyer. 

6.7. Administration produces and sends the Products of good quality to the Buyer as soon as possible, but not later than two business days from the date of the consideration of the claim on the return of the Products from the Buyer, if the Administration takes a decision, that the Buyer's request for replacement is reasonable and shall be satisfied.

6.8.   In case the defects of the Products occured not through the fault of, eliminates them for a fee and within the time agreed by the Parties. 

6.9.   In order to find out the objective reasons for the loss of product quality, has the right to conduct a specialized examination, in which case the time for consideration of the Buyer's claim on the inadequate quality of the Products depends on the time period for such an examination. 

6.10.   In case the defects of the Products occurred through the fault of, compensates the Buyer for losses only in the amount of the cost of the Product by replacing it with a high-quality one or returning the money received as payment for the Product.

6.11. and the Buyer are not entitled to unilaterally refuse the ordered Products agreed by the Parties and timely paid by the Buyer.

6.12. is not responsible for the defects of the Products if such defects were the result of an error in the design file (original layout) of the plate image provided by the Buyer.

6.13. is not responsible for the quality of the Products if the design files (original layout) of the plate image provided by the Buyer do not meet the requirements specified in the Technical Specification.

6.14.   If the Buyer has the need for additional modifications, file changes and clarification of the technical characteristics of the Products that are not related to the improper performance of work, such modifications, changes and clarifications are carried out for a fee and within the time agreed by the Parties.

6.15.   In case it was found out that defects in the Products occured due the fault of, payment for the transportation of the Products to eliminate such defects is carried out by

6.16.   The terms and conditions set forth in the Warranty and Replacement section are an integral part of this Agreement. The Buyer confirms the agreement with these terms and conditions at the date of conclusion of this Agreement. has the right to unilaterally make changes to this section without notifying the Buyer. The Buyer agrees to independently monitor the changes made. 

In case of controversy between the terms of this Agreement and the conditions set forth in the Warranty and Replacement section, the terms and conditions set forth in the Warranty and Replacement section shall apply. 


7.   Rights, obligations and liability of the Buyer.

7.1.   The Buyer agrees not to post on, not to distribute, not to store, not to transmit in any form (including, but not limited to, in the form of a text message, an attached file of any format, a link to the network)

the Materials (hereinafter referred to as Content, Materials), which:

  • are obscene, offensive, vulgar, malicious, threatening, libelous, false or pornographic in nature, violate legal norms; 

  • insult the honor and dignity, rights and legitimate interests of third parties, promote incitement to religious, racial, ethnic or ethnic hatred, contain elements of violence, drug propaganda, destructive ideologies (communism, fascism, totalitarian religious sects), etc .;

  • violate the rights to the results of intellectual activity and to means of identification (including copyright, related, patent, etc.) of third parties; 

  • violate the rights of minors; 

  • contribute to the occurance of interest in the distribution of drugs, weapons and ammunition, any form of terrorist, illegal and Nazi activities; 

  • contain information not permitted for disclosure (information constituting a state secret, personal data of third parties; information prohibited for disclosure by virtue of a contractual or fiduciary relationship of the User, etc.); 

  • directed against other Users; 

  • contain software viruses or other computer codes, programs, files aimed at violating the functionality of any computer or telecommunication equipment, their parts, including servers and other components of the network infrastructure and software. Sending malicious programs is prohibited in any form, including in the form of a full program code or its part, separate files of any formats, as well as links to their placement in the network; 

  • contain advertising information, spam, flood, chain e-mails, multi-level marketing schemes, methods of earning on the Internet (including using e-mail), information provoking a chain reaction in the distribution of messages by recipients and other similar information, contain non-normative vocabulary; 

  • are aimed at artificially increasing the rating of one or other Users; 

  • any other materials the distribution, disclosure or other use of which is prohibited or restricted by law, contract or other grounds.


7.2.   The Buyer agrees not to use services for the purpose of: 

  • downloading Content that is illegal violates any rights of third parties; promotes violence, cruelty, hatred and/or discrimination on racial, national, gender, religious, social grounds; contains inaccurate information and/or insults to specific individuals, organizations, authorities; 

  • violation of the rights of minors and/or harm to them in any form; 

  • impersonating another person or representative of an organization and/or community without sufficient rights; 

  • uploading unauthorized advertising information and/or spam; 

  • collection and processing of personal data, information on the privacy of any persons; 

  • creating malfunctions of; 

  • violations of national or international law; 

  • connecting and using any software designed to hack or aggregate the personal data of other Users, including logins, passwords, etc., as well as to conduct automatic mass mailing of any content. 

  • misleading someone by appropriating someone else’s name and intentionally publishing it, sending messages or other means of using the assigned name unlawfully, for intentionally causing damage to someone or for any personal gain.  


7.3.   The Buyer (User) agrees not to use swear words, obscene and abusive images, comparisons and expressions, including with regard to gender, race, nationality, profession, social category, age, language, humiliation of human dignity, and in relation to organizations, authorities, official state symbols (flags, emblems, anthems), religious symbols, objects of cultural heritage (historical and cultural monuments) on services. 

7.4.   The Buyer (User) is fully responsible for the safety of the Account (username and password), as well as for all actions performed under the Account. 

7.5.   The Buyer (User) has no right to reproduce, copy or process (modify) the Services, as well as to use any of their parts for personal or commercial purposes. 

7.6.   The Buyer (User) is obliged to immediately notify of any case of unauthorized access to the password and/or of any violation of the security of the User’s Account on 


8.   Rights, obligations and responsibilities of Administration.

8.1. Administration has the right, in case the Buyer violates any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, to terminate the Buyer's access to the Service (including by blocking access to from the IP address from which this Buyer registered/placed the largest number of the User Materials) and transfer the Materials confirming the illegal actions of the User to law enforcement agencies for action. 

8.2.   Since the Buyer's personal computer IP address is fixed by the Administrator’s technical means, in case of illegal actions, including actions that violate the intellectual rights of third parties, the owner of the personal computer determined by the Administrator’s technical equipment by IP address is held liable. 

8.3. Administration reserves the right to delete the Buyer's account if the Buyer has not used the access to personalized services for a sufficiently long time. Determining the sufficiency of account inactivity in each case is at the discretion of

8.4. services may contain links to other resources. The Buyer acknowledges and agrees that does not bear any responsibility for the availability of these resources and for their content, as well as for any consequences associated with the use by the Buyer of the content of these resources. 

8.5. Administration does not bear any responsibility for the personal data that the Buyer provides to other resources and/or other third parties in case of switching to them by link from

8.6. Administration is not responsible for any loss and/or damage to data that may occur due to a violation by the Buyer of the provisions of this Agreement, as well as improper access and/or use of personalized services. 


9.   Procedure for processing the User’s personal data on 

9.1.   The Buyer agrees to the processing by Administration of the Personal Data (including that made with or without automation means) for an indefinite period, including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, changing), retrieval, use, transfer (distribution, provision, access), cross-border transfer, depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of the Personal Data with the aim of:

  • providing the ability to use services; 

  • performance of obligations to the Buyer; 

  • sales of Products/Services; 

  • participation in programs/promotions; 

  • receipt of messages provided for in this Agreement. agrees not to transfer the information received to any third parties. It is not considered a violation when provides to agents and third parties acting on the basis of a contract with to fulfill obligations to the Buyer, including under this Agreement, and only within the framework of the contracts with this information.    

9.2.   In accordance with applicable law, does not sell Products to persons under 18 years of age. Responsibility for any actions performed by minors on lies with their legal representatives. If you have not reached the age of 18, the Administration of asks you to refrain from registering for 

9.3.   The Buyer agrees to receive messages from confirming the Order, notifying on the readiness of the Order for shipment, on delivery and delivery office to pick up the Order, etc., to the subscriber's mobile phone number or e-mail address indicated by the Buyer when registering on 


9.4.   Information about the Buyers' activity.

Statistics on users and their actions on the site are collected by Administration from anonymous analyzers legally and are used in the future for marketing research, determining the quality of the website operation, the quality of services provided, as well as for generating product offers that are interesting to the website users.

9.5.   The Buyer confirms that he has read and agrees with the Privacy Policy - Appendix No. 1 to the User Agreement.


10.   Liability and dispute resolution procedure.

10.1   Limitation of liability operates in the interests of the Buyers. In the event of a dispute between both and its Users, and with the participation of third parties, the website Administration takes all legal and ethical measures to protect the legitimate and ethical interests of the Users.

The impossibility of fulfilling the Order or its untimely execution may result from circumstances caused by the human factor, or force majeure events (force majeure) caused by social and natural disasters (wars, fires, floods, revolutions, etc.)

If it is not possible to fulfill the obligations assumed for the reasons stated above (excluding force majeure), is liable to the extent of the amounts received from the Buyers as payment for the Products/Services.

The website Administration does not and under no circumstances shall bear any liability beyond the amount received from the Buyers as payment for the services.

The website Administration does not bear any responsibility in the event of force majeure.

The website Administration reserves the right to terminate the Buyer's service in the following cases:

  • systematic violation of generally accepted rules of network etiquette: the spread of spam, the placement of materials that incite ethnic/religious hatred;

  • carrying out malicious actions (hacking, attack, etc.) aimed at unauthorized changes in the standard operating procedure of or at discrediting;

  • under a court decision, as well as in other cases provided for by applicable law.


10.2   The Parties have agreed that possible disputes regarding this Agreement and the relationship between the User and will be resolved in accordance with the norms of Ukrainian law. 

10.3   Before submitting a dispute to a court, the Parties are required to comply with the claims procedure for resolving disputes. The term for responding to a claim is 15 (fifteen) calendar days. 

10.4   All disputes are subject to consideration in court at the venue of economic activity of the legal entity, the city of Kharkiv, Ukraine.

10.5   Recognition by a court of a provision of the Agreement invalid does not entail the recognition of invalidity or unenforceability of other provisions of the Agreement. 


11.   Procedure for amending the terms and conditions of the Agreement 

11.1   This User Agreement shall enter into force upon its publication on and shall apply to each Buyer from the moment of registration on The Administration reserves the right, if necessary, to unilaterally amend this Agreement without notifying the Buyer. The new version of the Agreement comes into force from the moment it is posted on the website. The Buyer agrees to independently monitor the changes made. 

11.2   The Buyer has the right to contact the Customer Support at with questions regarding the relationship between the Buyer and contact details are listed in the Customer Support section.

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