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Frequently asked questions.

How to Sign in on

Click on the Sign in icon in the upper right corner of the home page to create your account. To proceed with registration press "Create an account". Fill in all the required fields on the Sign in page, then click Sign in. You will receive confirmation of activation of access to your account at your email address. ATTENTION: if the result is negative, check the SPAM folder or contact us.

Can I find out the estimated cost of the Order without signing in on the website?

The estimated cost of the order can be found out previously without signing in and downloading the file using the calculator. Choose a printing method and fill in all the necessary order parameters, sizes and number of printing plates. Based on the entered data, will make a preliminary calculation for the cost of the Order.

Uploading a PDF file has failed.

Please check if the file you uploaded was a correct one. Please check if there is any Internet connection malfunctions. Please upload the file again in several minutes.

I made a mistake when placing my order. How to delete it or make any changes?

If you make a mistake when placing an order and notice it after the payment and confirmation, please immediately contact the customer support. In case the production of printed plates has not been started, you can make changes or delete the Order.

What engraving resolution should I choose when ordering photopolymer plates for flexo printing?

By default, the standard Computer-to-Plate technology is used for engraving with a resolution of 2540 dpi: exposure by lamps, a classic amplitude-modulated halftone screen with a round dot. NExT flat-dot technology is used for 4000 dpi resolution engraving: exposure with super-powerful LEDs, a combined rasterization algorithm - an amplitude-modulated screen over almost the entire tonal range and a frequency-modulated screen in bright halftones. Please look for more info here.

What screen angles are standard when ordering printing plates?

The following standard screen rotation angles are used in printing plates production: Сyan - 7°, Magenta - 67°, Yellow - 82°, Black - 37°.  For Pantone inks, the angle is 37° by default. When placing an order for each ink, if necessary, you can choose the angle from the list of standard ones.

How can I use offset angles, non-standard rasterization algorithms, micro-rasterization of full tone area and/or half-tone dots, HD technology?

In case you need to use offset angles, non-standard rasterization algorithms, micro-rasterization of full tone area and/or half-tone dots, special HD rasters, you should indicate this in the comments to the Order and contact the Support Service. We recommend conducting additional testing of the printing machines, which will help you choose the best screening algorithms for your printing press.

What is the permissible resolution of bitmap images when preparing the original layout file?

Screen images must have a resolution of at least twice as large as the halftone screen frequency. (File Requirements).

How to prepare a file for computer-to-plate output?

For more information on pre-pressing click here. For more information on preparing screen images click here. The files must comply with our recommendations and be saved in .PDF format (File Requirements).

How to save PDF from Adobe lllustrator?

For the Instructions on Adobe lllustrator operation click here.

How to save PDF from CorelDraw?

For the Instructions for CorelDraw operation click here.

I need help with saving a *.PDF file.

If there are any problems with exporting a print layout to *.PDF even after you read the detailed instructions, our specialists will do it for you. The cost for this service, as well as for checking files and fixing errors is set individually depending on the scope of work. Please contact our Customer support team.

How to calculate distortion (shortening) correctly?

This information is presented in this section.

Can I check the Order file free of cost?

When finalizing/placing an Order, you can upload a file for verification. After a few minutes you will see the result of the color separation and get an error message if any error is detected.

How to check the accuracy of color rendition?

We recommend ordering a color proofing with screening simulation, in case there are important nuances of color rendition. High-quality color proofing is possible only with the use of ICC profiles built on test printouts.  We provide services for both printing equipment testing and building ICC profiles.

Can I change the delivery address after paying for the Order? proceeds with both the production and shipment planning of your Order immediately after receipt of payment. If you provided an incorrect delivery address, please contact us immediately by phone or e-mail.

Can I get the Order at an address different from the one I specified when signing in on the website?

You can receive an order at any convenient delivery service office. Just specify the desired address in your account.

What is the right way to open the packaging with the Products?

When receiving the Products check that the package has not been damaged. In case of detection of any integrity damage or severe deformation of the package, immediately inform the representative of the express delivery service and team. The packaging with the Products should be opened carefully to avoid causing any damage to the Products, therefore we recommend that you be especially careful when using cutting tools.

Where can I get information on the characteristics of photopolymer printing plates, operating and cleaning conditions, and resistance to solvents?

For more information, please see Referral Information section.

How to store photopolymer printing plates?

Photopolymer printing plates must be cleaned after use and stored at room temperature, away from any light, heat, ultraviolet and ozone sources. For more information, please see Referral Information section.

What should I do with photopolymer printing plates after their wear-and-tear?

Worn out polymer should be utilized.

What is the recall procedure for the Products of inadequate quality?

In case you notice any visible defects in the Product, contact Customer support team. Please see the detailed information on the procedure in the Warranties. Procedure for replacing Products of inadequate quality.

How can I ask for help?

We will answer all your questions - just choose your preferred channel of communication:

● phone call: from 9:00 to 20:00 on weekdays, from 9:00 to 15:00 on Saturday.

    +380 67 345 88 64

    +380 95 589 88 64


● email:;

● connection to one of our operators through the in-built chat on

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