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Creating pdf files from CorelDRAW

The PDF format is a universal way to transfer graphic layouts to a print shop. The file in PDF format is opened on any devices with any operating systems in the form in which it was created.

Required Software:

  • Graphics editor CorelDRAW.

  • A PDF viewer, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Required training level:

  • elementary.

1. Open the layout in the editor.


All printed items must be within the artboard.
When creating a PDF file, items outside the artboard will be lost.

2. Check the size of the page.


3. We check the properties of the document in the menu File - Document Info.

It is important to check the file for compliance with the requirements!

  • All fonts should be converted to curves.

  • If the overprint is necessary for the ink, please set it manually at the stage of preparing the layout.

  • Bitmap images must have a resolution of at least twice as plate screening.

  • The layouts should contain elements of the CMYK color model or be colored in Pantone spot printing colors and should not contain RGB objects.

  • We recommend to use standard inks and color names from Pantone libraries

The file should not contain inapplicable elements:

  • arrows, bleeds;

  • loops in the contours;

  • inapplicable objects, separate dots, text, etc.


4. If you need overprint for some ink, set it manually at the stage of preparing the layout.

5. After checking, we proceed to save the file through the “Publish to PDF” menu.


6. Open the save options in the dialog.


7. Select the "General" tab.

8. Select a range of pages.

9. Choose the compatibility level - from  Acrobat 4 to Acrobat 8.


10. Go to the “Color” or  "Advanced" tab (depends on version).

11. Select the color processing options (save the original color model, do not convert spot colors, save document overprints).


12. Select the “Objects” tab.

13. Set the type of compression - Zip.

14. Disable font embedding (fonts must be converted to curves, fonts that are not converted to curves can cause defects, because during subsequent processing the missing font will be replaced by a system one).

15. Turn off the change in the resolution of raster objects.

16. Confirm the settings and save.


17. Check file in the PDF viewer  program.

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