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About us

We produce photopolymer printing plates (cliches) for flexo, letterpress label and pad printing, hot moulding and embossing, coating plates for print finishing (in offset) using both solvent washable and water washable photopolymers manufactured by Flint Group, DuPont, etc. Finished products comply with ISO 9001:2015 and have consistently high quality and competitiveness.


 Technique for photopolymer printing plates processing:


  • analog (2540 dpi resolution), which is applied for processing some plates used in flexo, letterpress label and pad printing, hot moulding and embossing;


  • digital СТР (2540 dpi resolution), which is applied for processing plates used in flexo, coating plates for print finishing (in offset), letterpress label printing, including tubes, cups and cans printing, pad printing: data from the raster processor is transferred directly to the black photosensitive layer of the photopolymer plate using an infrared laser beam, under the influence of which an integral mask is formed on the surface of the plate.  CTP technology provides high image definition, stable and repeatable print results;/


  • digital HD Flexo (4000 dpi resolution), which is applied for processing plates used in high-quality flexo and letterpress label printing. It provides the achievement of an expanded tonal range, typical for offset and gravure printing, which allows getting a smooth image with softly defined contours, as well as the reproduction of small texts and thin stroke elements;


  • digital HD Flexo + NExT (flat dot technology, 4000 dpi resolution), which guarantees the formation of both screen tint and screen elements of the same height; minimizes ink spread when printing; due to micro-rasterization of the screen tint and screen elements, it significantly increases the optical density of the screen tint and improves ink transfer, expands the color gamut;


  • direct laser engraving of rubber, which is used for the production of seamless plates and plates for printing with two-component (ethyl acetate) inks, when increased resistance to swelling is required.


We do believe in searching an individual approach to each customer, from the development of the original layout to the testing of printing equipment. We offer an optimal solution to most problems of the printing industry due to the coordinated work of qualified personnel, the production with modern equipment, and the active introduction of modern innovative technologies.


We carry out a range of prepress operations:

  • testing of printing equipment, creating ICC profiles;

  • design development;

  • color proofing;

  • plate making;

  • plotter cutting of plates for flexo printing;

  • mounting flexoplates on pouring sheets for printing on cardboard.

Contact Customer Service for detailed information and advice.

Head office: Inzhenernyi Ln. 9, Kharkiv, Kharkivs'ka oblast, 61145, Ukraine

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