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Top quality digital photopolymer plates for:


flexo.shop is your competent innovative assistant in production of top quality digital photopolymer plates. It will accompany you when taking the following four simple and user-friendly steps:

Set the printing type

Set the parameters

Upload the PDF and check previews

Confirm the order

Would you like us to develop a design concept, to make pre-pressing and/or color proofing? Please contact our Customer Service team!

Why order by flexo.shop?

We guarantee to provide you with:

  • The highest quality of consumables from leading manufacturers.

  • Printing plate production on modern equipment using the latest software and technologies, in particular, both flat point and micro-rasterization technology.

  • Constant quality control at all stages.

  • Minimum permissible deviations in plate thickness, alignment, repeatability of images.

  • Privacy.

  • Transaction security.

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